X-mas metal mix

It’s still Christmas! I didn’t miss it! I still have time to post this completely ridiculous yet entertaining mix of metal Christmas songs!

Bog blast us, every one!


Song of the day: Queensryche, “Neon Nights”

Since I’m all about Queensrÿche lately, here’s a freaking impressive take on Black Sabbath’s classic, “Neon Nights.” RJD would be proud.

Nasty, rude song of the day: 45 Grave, “Partytime”

WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS SONG ISN’T METAL??? Get out. Punk metal is totally metal.

Well, it’s time to get away from this computer for the long holiday weekend. Time to celebrate July 4th – the day we all blow up stuff with Chinese-made fireworks, because, well, that’s patriotic and the American Way. Or something. Whatever. Just hand me the Roman Candle, already, will ya?

I’ll be back next week with an interview from Soilwork vocalist “Speed” Strid and other assorted nonsense. Until then, go light fireworks to this:

Song of the Day (lazy blogger): Fifth Angel, “Wings of Destiny”

I admit it’s lazy of me to just post a new song of the day rather than write a real, live blog … but I have good reasons.

For starters, it’s too cold to write. But more importantly, I just ran across Fifth Angel’s “Wings of Destiny,” a song I’m sure I haven’t heard in 20 years. It’s just as cool as I remember, so hooray for nostalgia not letting me down for once.

Anyway, check it out.

Happy frickkin’ new year

New Year’s Eve, and time to say goodbye to 2009. It has been a long, busy year. Frankly, it was a great year for metal; unfortunately, it was crappy year for just about everything else (the economy, the war in Afghanistan, the environment – you get the idea).

So let’s put this year to bed and send the sucker out with Scar Symmetry’s “Morphogenesis.” Yeah, this is the old Scar Symmetry, before they hired two new singers. I like the new S.S. … but this song is a real monster.

See ya in 2010.

Jmayse @ Noise Pollution

Dimebag Darrell Song of the Day: “I’m Broken”

I didn’t forget. This week was the five-year anniversary of “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott’s murder on-stage in Ohio.

In Dimebag’s honor, here’s the video for “I’m Broken,” my favorite song off Pantera’s “Far Beyond Driven” album.

R.I.P., Dimebag.

Metal Mood Stabilizer for Halloween: “Black No. 1”

It’s Halloween Eve … which means it’s time for more Type O Negative.

Next week, a review of Pelican’s “What We All Come To Need” and an interview with Dallas Toler-Wade of Nile. And probably some random musings as well. So there.

Happy Halloween.