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Noise Pollution is a site for all things metal — interviews, concert information, the occasional CD review and general yapping, grousing and growling about heavy music.

The site is managed by the Owensboro-Messenger Inquirer.

There will be lots of info on tours and metal shows throughout the Midwest-mid-south – with an emphasis on Louisville, St. Louis, Cincinatti, Indianapolis, Evansville and Nashville – so check the UPCOMING REGIONAL CONCERTS page for concert dates. The site will also run interviews with bands coming to the region and with interesting people in metal.

Any and all metal news is welcome, so please send news to: jmayse@messenger-inquirer.com. Information about local and regional metal bands will certainly be considered.

About the blogger: I started listening to metal in late 1970s (first album: “Rock and Roll Over” by Kiss). I discovered the glory of Ozzy and Maiden around age 11. At 12, I used a coat hanger to break into my sister’s car and steal her tape of Motley Crue’s “Shout at the Devil,” so I guess metal was a bad influence from the start. Viking metal rules, as does black metal, Swedish metal, early thrash, progressive metal, and great genreless bands like Opeth and Agalloch.


1 Comment

  1. J,

    Nice blog.

    I was thinking of using the NEO-SAPIAN theme!

    *you might be interesting in checking out my 80’s Metal blog (esp. if you like early Thrash).

    Have a peep here:


    I used to live the Southern Indiana area (Evansville) but I now live in Chicago.

    Let me know if you would be down for exchanging blog links?!

    Take care and remember -Metal (still) Rules!

    Curt King
    DEMOLISH Editor

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