Lack of security was an issue at concert where man died from fall from stage, Lamb of God vocalist, witness says at trial

More than one witness who testified during the second day of Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe’s trial in Prague said the barrier that separated the audience from the stage was insufficient to keep people from climbing on the stage on the night a fan died after either falling or being pushed from the stage.

WTVR in Richmond Va. is perhaps the only U.S. media outlet attempting to provide regular coverage of Blythe’s trial (find their coverage here). Blythe, of course, was charged with manslaughter and arrested in the Czech Republic last year, in connection with a May 2010 incident where a fan, Daniel Nosek, was killed during a Lamb of God concert in Prague. Prosecutors claim Blythe pushed Nosek from the stage, causing Nosek to hit his head. Nosek died of his injuries about one month later.

WTVR is covering the trial with daily updates from Prague Post reporter Jonathan Crane. During the first day of the trial, Blythe admitted pushing one man off stage, but denied having any contact with Nosek. On Tuesday, three of Nosek’s friends testified they all saw Blythe push Nosek off the stage, Crane told WTVR.

Witness accounts of the incident varied, with some saying Blythe was on-stage and singing during the incident, while another witness said Blythe was off-stage while the band was between songs, but came rushing back onto the stage to push Nosek off in an “unnecessarily aggressive manner,” Crane reported.

Crane reported witnesess testified security made no effort to keep people off the stage; witnesses also testified the concert venue staff did nothing to discourage people from climbing on state. Crane reported Blythe testified he told the audience there were “too many people on stage;” Nosek’s friends, however, testified that they thought Blythe said that two people could come on stage.

Prosecutors and Blythe disagreed on a gesture Blythe made on stage before the incident, Crane reported. Prosecutors say Blythe gestured to get people up on stage; Blythe, however, said the gesture was made to get the audience to react. Anyone how has been to a metal show has seen singers and band members gesture for the crowd to make noise.

It’s hard to imagine the band would invite any and all members of the crowd to come up on stage — in the aftermath of Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott’s on-stage shooting death by a degranged fan several years ago, it’s a wonder popular bands don’t perform behind shields of bullet proof glass — but I haven’t seen the gesture, and presumably the judge presiding over the case has, and can make a reasonable interpretation.

Blythe did push at least one man off the stage, which Blythe admitted during the trial, Crane reported. A video that has been widely circulated on Youtube shows Blythe pushing a man off of the stage, but Blythe’s defense team says the person Blythe pushed was not Nosek.

Crane reports evidence could conclude Wednesday; if so, the judge could get the case on Thursday and make a ruling either that day or in a week. Crane said there’s also the possibility the judge will ask both sides to provide more evidence.

Both the prosecution and the defense can appeal the ruling, Crane said.


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