Goodbye, Clay Burns

Metatron: Aaron (left), David (kneeling) and drummer Clay Burns (right). Burns passed away this week and will be buried Aug. 10. Goodbye, Clay.

I haven’t written anything for a while. Sorry about that.

Anyone familiar with the Owensboro, Ky. music scene will remember Metatron, the eclectic, psychedelic death metal band that was equal parts chaotic metal, free jazz and space-age fuzz. I’ve been a supporter of the O’boro scene for a long time and did what I could through the weak tool that was the Messenger-Inquirer’s entertainment page to promote local metal bands … but there’s no question that my favorite local band was Metatron.

So it’s with some sadness that I report Clay Burns, the band’s drummer, passed away this week at University of Kentucky Hospital. Burns was 30 years old.

I interviewed Clay several times over the years . Clay was extremely easy-going and relaxed, with a quiet unexpected sense of humor. Clay was always the least talkative member of the band — but Clay’s drumming was always unpredictable and interesting. Clay played metal, but he had the improvisational feel of a jazz musician. The man could play and his drumming drove the band. While some drummers are content to just provide a backbeat, Clay was an equal creative partner with vocalist/bassist Aaron King and keyboardist (later guitarist) David Daniel.

Goodbye, Clay. You’ll be missed … and thanks for the years of great music.