Buy The End’s metal sampler, help Japan

As you know, Japan is in a state of crisis.

Last week’s earthquake, and the resulting tsunami, caused massive devastation in Japan. As of Thursday, the New York Times was reporting that 5,000 people had been confirmed killed, while 10,000 were still missing.

The number of people displaced by the disaster is probably incalculable. What is known is that the tsunami destroyed entire towns. Meanwhile, the nuclear crisis – with several reactors undergoing or in danger of at least partial meltdown – has forced thousands more to evacuate their homes.

It’s easy to watch or read the news and feel helpless. But there is something you can do.

The End Records is asking for donations from people who download the label’s annual sampler. All donations are voluntary and no donation is considered too small.

All donations will be sent to the American Red Cross, for Japanese disaster relief.

Check out the track list:

1. Anvil – Juggernaut Of Justice
2. Helloween – Are You Metal?
3. Dir En Grey- Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami (Live)
4. Danzig – Juju Bone
5. Goes Cube – The Ban Has Been Lifted
6. Kvelertak – Ulvetid
7. Vreid – Wolverine Bastards
8. Braveyoung – The Light Narrows
9. Too Late The Hero – Statement Of Purpose
10. Tarja – Falling Awake
11. Solefald – Norron Livskunst
12. Novembers Doom – Of Age And Origin (A Violent Day)

Pretty good track list, huh? I “bought” it for a quick donation and I’m not disappointed.

People have said, “Japan is a rich country; why do they need our help?” Well, as anyone who has been through a tornado can tell you, even a small natural disaster is overwhelming. The crisis in Japan, however, is anything but small. In time, the country will recover … but for now, millions of Japanese residents need all the help they can get.

To download the sampler and make a donation, click here.

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