The eco-disaster metal mix

So, millions of gallons of nasty crude oil are spilling into the Gulf of Mexico, killing everything that swims and flies into the water. The government – surprise, surprise – can’t stop it and the oil company responsible was recklessly negligent before the disaster and has been completely incompetent in its effort to fix the problem. Idiots.

Meanwhile, have you noticed how hot it has been this month? Here in the good ole Midwest, we have August temperatures in June. That’s not an anomaly, kids; the government agencies that track weather have noted that May and April were the hottest months ever, or at least since people began keeping track.

What’s all this mean? Global disaster, folks. Our addiction to oil is killing the seas and our love for the internal combustion engine and the coal-fired power plant has finally thrown the climate into the hot zone.

Now, certain politicians will tell you that the Earth’s sudden resemblance to the inside of an oven is a natural phenomenon. Hell, some of our less-than-brilliant political minds have even had the gall to say the big Gulf oil slick is an act of God. But we all know that’s bull, don’t we? All of this is our doing; we created the mess and now we get to experience the pain first-hand. Welcome to the future. Don’t ya just love it?

If the answer is “no” you don’t love it, than I suggest you get involved in the solution, by finding ways to conserve energy at home – and cutting the amount of fossil fuels you use by getting rid of that stupid SUV. It’s “do or fry” time, and we all have to decide if maintaining our privileged lifestyles is really worth killing the entire freakin’ planet.

To help, here’s a lovely metal mix for the end of the world as we know it – and maybe the end of the world. You can enjoy it … but you’d better get angry and get involved as well. Time’s running out.

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  1. Awesome on the Nuclear Assault video! You left out one of my faves though..Greenhouse Effect from Testament.

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