Happy April Fool’s Day

I hope my readers, both of you, enjoyed my little April Fool’s joke. I don’t think “Tiffany,” “Amber” and “Travis T.” will be writing many more articles for Noise Pollution … but then again, you never know.

I have some things coming up in the near future, including an interview with the boys of Mnemic and a review of High on Fire’s “Snakes For The Divine.” I also have an essential album pick that more than a few readers might dislike.

Anyway, April Fool’s Day is over, so it’s time to kick the fictional nerds out and get back to business. Here we go.



  1. Wow! I couldn’t even comment on that shit yesterday because I wanted to see if anyone actually believed it. That was a good joke although I believe you most likely would have ended the blog before you allowed someone to actually write something that asinine. this actually made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. “The power of the Devil, however, drives the Norwegians crazy – making them think they’re trolls and characters from Satanic novels like “The Lord of the Rings.” Good one Jmayse!

  2. strange my post says 6:41pm and it is 1:42 in owensboro.

    • It’s the power of the Devil affecting your computer’s clock.

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