Kentucky resident to make documentary about black metal. Uhh …. really?

I ripped this hot from the presses at Blabbermouth. I’ve read it, but I still don’t believe it. Read for yourself.

Kentucky Political Blogger To Produce Documentary About Black Metal – Dec. 29, 2009

Well-known Kentucky political blogger and musician William “Shack” Shackleford has announced plans to produce a documentary about black metal in America.

“Many kids have no idea what true black metal is all about,” said Shackleford. “Patriarchs like [BURZUM leader] Varg Vikernes and others in the movement are grossly misunderstood.

“I have been exchanging emails with Vikernes. Hopefully we can work it out so I can release these emails as a part of the upcoming documentary.”

Shackleford added, “I am a Christian but I understand how some disenfranchised youths in Europe and America view the secular church.

“I am not producing this documentary in a Christian-only point of view. It will include everyone’s point of view.

“I think it is important that metal fans young and old sit down and begin to understand today’s metal. It’s not all face paint and loud guitars; it is serious business in many parts of the world.

“I am a huge black metal fan and I am not producing this documentary to take a sh*t [profanity altered by Noise Pollution] on the genre either.”

Black Station Productions will produce and release the documentary sometime in 2010.

Shackleford’s blog, The Rural Democrat, is described as “one of the top Democratic-leaning blogs in America.” Shackleford is also the lead guitarist for Kentucky’s “premiere metal band” INCHAINED.

Now, I’m confused: If Shackleford is doing a documentary ab0ut black metal in the United States, why is he interviewing Varg Vikernes? Varg was important in the Norwegian black metal scene years ago, but he sat in the slammer for 15 years for offing Euronymous. Vikernes was only released from prison earlier this year. What exactly does Vikernes know about black metal in America?

If Shackleford wants to shoot a documentary about black metal in America, shouldn’t he focus on … oh, I dunno … American black metal bands? Any plans to interview the guys in Wolves in the Throne Room or Nachtmystium? What about Xasthur or Agalloch? 

I’d rather hear the perspective of people who are actually creating black metal in American than the opinion of someone like Vikernes.  

Other directors have already taken their stab (no pun intended there, Varg) at Norwegian black metal, so a rehash of ancient history isn’t necessary. So if Shackleford is really gonna try this, I’d be most interested to learn what motive or agenda drives the USBM scene. Sure, the Norwegians were a large musical influence, but why has the genre thrived here? How have the Yanks adapted black metal to comment on or attack American society? It is a reaction against Christianity? Is the scene driven by environmentalism? Do the USBM bands have the same motives as the Norwegians, or do the U.S. bands have a completely different agenda?

Maybe this will be great, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out a couple of final things that make Shackleford’s claims somewhat suspect. First, I have covered politics in Kentucky and have never heard of the “Rural Democrat” blog. Secondly, I’ve seen a lot of Kentucky metal bands play a lot of shows, but I have never heard mention of Inchained. It’s hard to be the “premier metal band” of Kentucky if people don’t know who you are, buddy.

Anyway, maybe this guy’s documentary will totally surprise me … but for now, I’m praying my black little heart out that the Norwegian black metal documentary “Until The Light Takes Us” finally makes its way to Louisville.


  1. I have not heard of this “premier metal band” in kentucky. I have a feeling that this is going to suck in a major way. Why even bother with Varg Vikernes if this is a american black metal piece? I applaud anyone trying to support metal but I think this is going to be done in a negative way.

  2. I agree! INCHAINED who? Never heard of them. IF they’re the “premiere metal band” in KY, that’s a new one to me. Maybe Terry Harper knows who they are?

  3. INCHAINED is AWESOME! Never heard of The Rural Democrat in Kentucky? Have you been sleeping under a rock the last two years? I don’t know Shackelford personally but saw him play live a few times, he is the best guitarist I have ever heard in this dumpster state! I wish him luck!

    • I hope the documentary works out, so I wish him good luck, too. I still have my doubts about the whole Varg thing, but maybe he’ll prove me wrong.

      Nope, I missed Rural Democrat entirely … although others tell me they’ve read it from time to time. Shows what I know.

      As for the “premier metal band” comment, however, I’m not budging. I’ve seen some great freakin’ metal bands, both from L’ville and from western Ky., namely Owensboro. O’boro has everything from thrash to what I’d call psychedelic death metal. Inchained’s MySpace page didn’t wow me, but I should hold off on final judgment until I actually hear them live.

      Anyway, thanks for writing.

  4. EPIC FAIL coming in 2010 for Shackleford

  5. I have the answer and perfect solution for the person who wrote this thing here.

    this is a clip from that ‘Out of the Black’ documentary,

    and the message goes for people like you


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