It’s hard to give free stuff away

Well, good old Noise Pollution has been growing in traffic all year long … but I tell ya, it’s harder than ever to give stuff away on this site.

Anyhoo, I got two responses to my first “12 Days of Nuclear Blast Giveaways” contest. Exactly two. So what the hell, I’m gonna make them both winners.

Congrats to Tony: who gets a copy of Darkane’s “Demonic Art” and the “Monsters of Metal: Vol 6” video collection. Meanwhile, Ed gets the Slyosis disc, “Conclusion Of An Age” and a copy of Death Angel’s  DVD, “Sonic German Beatdown.”

Ed and Tony answered the question: Who is the most overrated guitarist in Metal?

Tony wrote: “To me I would say that Zakk Wylde is overrated. Being in my thirties and old enough to see Zakk during his whole career it just seems that he just still sounds the same. Yes, guitar players will always be identified by their own “sound” but it seems that if you ask most people about Zakk Wylde they always say the same thing,that he is the guys who makes his guitar go “wheawwww” in all his songs.( I’m sure you know the sound that I am talking about).

“It seems that people don’t air guitar Zakk Wylde riffs and solos like they do for say Eddie Van Halen or Dimebag or pretty much any other “known guitarist” ( I personally usually end up air guitaring Chuck Schuldiner) He just doesn’t seem to have those riffs that stand out in my mind like other guitar players. I guess those are my reasons for saying his guitar work is overrated.

“On a totally different aspect of why I don’t care for him is because I read this quote from him saying that he has no respect for people who are not true to themselves. This bothers me coming from a guy who when it was trendy had cock rock hairsprayed hair,then when that was no longer cool, he started with the dirty southerner trend (Pride and Glory) when that band Jackyl was big.Once again that was no longer cool, and the trend became dudes wanted to be bikers and wear biker gear,(I still hate OCC and West Coast Choppers for this trend) so guess what?, Zakk grows a beard puts on a leather vest and starts Black Label Society. That isn’t being true to yourself in my opinion. But to each his own I guess.” 

Meanwhile, Ed wrote: “KIRK HAMMET of Metallica is the single most overrated guitarist in Metal History. Why you ask? He hides behind the Wah (Wah Pedal) & NEVER ventures outside of it. Probably a good thing in his case, ’cause if he was ever brave enough to step away from the Wah, he would have to compete with REAL Shredders Like Mustaine & Company. They would send him packing back to his Wee Wee Pedal in a Metal instant! Even in his prime, if he attempted to play “Rust in Peace” his Wah fingers would twist in knots!

“God Bless Mr.Hammet! Someone needs to.”

I’ll be back next week with another contest.



  2. This is awesome! Congrats Ed! I agree on the Kirk Hammett wah pedal issue. I still can’t believe that there are not more people entering the contests!

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