Flash back with a funny 1980s report on heavy metal

The following clips are from an “in-depth look” at metal by the television show “20/20.”

The episode was shot in the late 1980s. The awesome guy who posted it on YouTube thinks it was broadcast in 1987. That’s probably right: Iron Maiden is featured promoting the album “Somewhere In Time,” which was released in 1986, so we can safely put the broadcast date in between 1987 and ’88.

You won’t learn much … the kids and Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson are the most rational people interviewed.

Tipper Gore also gets her screen time (she and the PMRC were unavoidable, like common colds, back in the ’80). But Tipper is right about exactly one thing: Motley Crue is crap.

“Metal deprogramming” gets only a few seconds of mention, which is too bad – I wanted to hear more about the mind control techniques groups like Back In Control used to “de-metal” and “de-punk” poor kids back in the 80s. It’s funny that some conservatives considered listening to metal to be akin to cult activity. Dummies.  

Part one.

Part two (the video goes fuzzy for a few seconds in the middle here, but it clears up shortly).

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  1. Growing up my friend Joel had to deal with parents who wanted to De-Metal him, so he would buy tapes and tshirts and keep them at my house and I would bring him a Slayer shirt or M.O.D shirt or whatever to the bus stop in the mornings so he could change out of his parent approved shirts.Poor kid…

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