Interview: Factory Damage to play Louisville with Powerman 5000

 factory damage

Last year, Owensboro metal band Factory Damage shared their first stage with a national act when they opened a Louisville concert for the up-and-coming thrash metal band Warbringer.

The band must have made a good impression, because the Owensboro musicians were invited to perform in Louisville again — this time with Powerman 5000, a nationally selling metal band.

The bands will play Headliners Music Hall on Nov. 8.
Meanwhile, Factory Damage is also completing a jingle the band wrote for Spider Energy, a new energy drink. Next week, the band will play one of its few local shows when they perform at the “Hallow’s Eve” DVD release party Oct. 30 at FYE in Towne Square Mall.

“Most of the time, we play out of town,” guitarist Ed Young said.

Factory Damage was one of several local bands and musicians that contributed to the “Hallow’s Eve” soundtrack. “It was just cool to help them out,” Young said.

The jingle for Spider Energy came about after the band saw some advertising for the product. “I saw they were new and shot them a proposal saying, ‘we’ll write you a jingle,’” Young said. “The ultimate payoff would be (if the song is used) in the commercial.

“When we get the finished mix back … they will put it up on their Web site,” Young said.

Writing the jingle wasn’t an easy process. “When you write a song, you don’t write it (to be) one minute to a minute and a half” long, Young said.

Pete Algarin, the founder of Spider Energy, said Factory Damage is one of several bands from across the country that are writing jingles for the product.

“I think they did a phenomenal job,” Algarin said. “The song, as it stands now, is pretty good. I can’t wait to hear it mixed.”

The drink’s Web site will feature a song from a new band about once a month, along with band information, Algarin said.

“It will give them exposure,” Algarin said. “I grew up playing rock ‘n’ roll when I was a kid. It was tough and it’s still tough (to get noticed).” The Factory Damage jingle will be posted as soon as the final mix is ready, he said.

“I think I’ve got a pretty good ear for music and when I hear something I like, I want to help (the band),” Algarin said.
Drummer Scott Doughty said the band hopes the commercial will expose the band to a larger audience.

“(Algarin) pretty much said if (the jingle) takes off, we take off,” Doughty said.

For the upcoming shows at FYE and in Louisville, the band will use two different bassists. The band recently lost bassist Val Batts due to scheduling issues and will  hold auditions for a permanent replacement after the November show.

“This is obviously the biggest band we’ve performance with and the biggest number of people,” Young said. For the concert “we’ll pick the best songs in our arsenal.”

The band’s music is still played regularly on regional radio stations and has had songs picked up by Internet metal radio stations all over the world. The band hopes to all their hard work will some day land them in front of an even larger audience.

“The intention is, hopefully, we’ll get a foot in the door and get a label to notice us,” Young said. “That dream is still there, but we have to play the reality …. Hopefully (the jingle) will pay dividends and open the door.”

Factory Damage will perform Friday, Oct. 30 at the “Hallow’s Eve” DVD release party, beginning at 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 30 at FYE in Towne Square Mall inOwensboro. Other bands, including Far From Fallen and Left With Scars, will perform as well. The event is free.

Factory Damage will also open for Powerman 5000 Nov. 8 beginning at 7 p.m. Headliners Music Hall in Louisville. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased from the band by E-mailing


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