This week gets stupider … but Ryan Adams makes it better (??)

This has been the stupidest week since, well, last week.

First, Helmuth from Belphegor missed my phone interview time. Twice. I know he’s all nihilistic, hates humanity and whatnot, but come on, Helmuth – do you want to promote your new album or not? 

Then, to make matters even dumber, I missed my opportunity to interview Udo Dirkschnieder, the ex-Accept singer who is something of a metal icon. How did I miss my interview, even after studiously preparing questions and readying myself to keep my fanboy geekdom in check? Well, apparently, I don’t know the difference between Eastern and Central time and missed his phone call. Crap.

So this day had gone completely to hell … until I found Werewolph, a side-project type band from acoustic folk singer Ryan Adams. It seems Adams really knows his metal – his list of the 13 best metal songs for Blender magazine is actually not half-bad – and Werewolph is pretty entertaining musically, in a lo-fi, black metal not-entirely serious sort of way.

This would be something I’d hate if Adams wasn’t a serious metal fan. But anyone who can not only identify Voivod but considers “Tribal Convictions” one of the best metal songs of all time has some serious cred. So this made my day.

Here are some vids for some of his songs (the vids were put together by YouTube subscriber “chicbn872,” and are are pretty entertaining, too. So there).

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  1. Bummer about the Udo interview man..that would have been awesome.

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