So there’s a new metal sub-genre, it seems

So, Canadian band The Agonist released a video for the song “Thank You Pain” yesterday on the PETA2 YouTube channel.

A link on the channel refers to the song as “Vegetarian Metal.” Is that a new metal sub-genre? Is The Agonist gonna hit the road with Cattle Decapitation on the “Meat Is Murder Metal Tour?” I should copyright that name before someone else snatches it up.

Anyway, I’m all for bands taking up political causes. If Dave Mustaine can scream about how much he hates the U.N. on “United Abominations,” I don’t see why The Agonist can’t advocate for animal rights with PETA. Metal, by its nature, questions conventional thinking, so bands that take uncompromising positions on animal rights issues fit with metal’s rebellious attitude and its “discard what you’ve been told to believe” mentality.

All that is well and good … but the jury’s still out on The Agonist for me. The songs are well-crafted, the musicianship is certainly solid and singer Alissa White-Gluz has a dynamic vocal range … but there’s something not quite grabbing me. I’ve heard scores of bands that are worse – and you have, too: But while I can appreciate that the members of The Agonist are competent, they don’t exactly inspire me as yet.

Which brings me back to “Thank You Pain.” Frankly, I can’t decide if I really like this song, or I just enjoy watching White-Gluz pose in different gothy outfits. It could be the latter. I’m not above such things.

I’m waiting to see if repeated listens grow on me. But here, decide for yourself.

For the heck of it, here’s the band’s vid for “Business Suits And Combat Boots,” which should win a prize for “most original song title.” If you like the band, you can also hear more on their MySpace page.

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