Shagrath needs more people to fire

"You're fired!"

"You're fired!"

Today was a busy day for Shagrath’s Human Resources department.

First, Nuclear Blast let the world know that Shagrath’s main band Dimmu Borgir, had fired not one but two members – bassist/clean vocalist I.C.S. Vortex and keyboardist Mustis. Just a few hours later, Nuclear Blast put out a second release, saying Shagrath’s other band, Chrome Division, had given the boot to vocalist Eddie Guz.

The Chrome Division release says the parting with Guz was amicable. Maybe, but the split in the Dimmu camp was apparently not nearly as happy. The word on the street (or, rather, from  from Mustis is that he was fired via text message.

The Blabberposts sound like Mustis got his dark-soul-feelings hurt. I guess there’s nothing more harsh and grim than getting a pink slip sent to your BlackBerry.

Frankly, I’m more disappointed about Guz getting kicked out of Chrome Division. That guy has a voice roughened by years of bourbon, cigarettes, inhaled burned rubber and bike fumes. He’ll be hard to replace. The band has already hired Shady Blue (aka Athera of the band Susperia) … to which I say, “who?”

As for Vortex and Mustis … well, the world is full of classically trained keyboardists who wanna play black metal. I’ve no doubt that Ashley- formerly of Abigail Williams before recently jumping to Cradle of Filth – is already polishing her resume, readying herself for her next big step up in the world of symphonic not-quite black metal. Vortex is a bigger loss: Having a “clean” vocalist in the band added an extra dimension to the Dimmu sound. They were best with the operatic stuff, so going back is not an option: There are scores of other bands that do “grim” and “lo-fi” better.

I expect to hear more on the Dimmu breakup pretty soon (Mustis claimed later he wasn’t getting proper credit for songs he’d written). Meanwhile, who’s next in Shagrath’s cross-hairs? The maid better polish Shagrath’s “Addams Family” harpsichord to a bright sheen today …


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