Far From Fallen to release new album this weekend


Owensboro original metal band Far From Fallen will perform a free concert at FYE in Towne Square Mall Saturday, July 18. The concert will be followed by a CD release party at the mall’s Hot Topic store.
The events are coordinated with the release of “Arise From The Ashes,” the band’s second album.

The event will also introduce fans to the band’s new bassist Drew Hallden, who joined the band after bassist Blake Littleton left to go to college in Florida.

Drummer Matt Simmons said the hope is the release of “Arise From The Ashes” will lead to bigger things.

“We’re trying to do everything we can to be seen, heard and noticed,” Simmons said.

The performance at FYE will begin at 6 p.m. The band will sell copies of the new album at Hot Topic beginning at 7:30 p.m. The CD will also be available online, at iTunes, Rhapsody, DigStation, CDBaby and bigcartel.com.

The album has been recorded for some time, but the release was held back while the band put together the money for pressing and packaging the discs.

“I’m ready to press on to the next album,” guitarist Brian Fulkerson said. “ … The earliest we would do that would be next winter, early January.”

“We have already started playing new songs,” Simmons said.
The band already has a number of shows planned for next few weeks. Tonight, the band is heading to Memphis to play with Inner 61, and they’ll be in Nashville July 27 with Zero System. They’ll perform with up and coming metal band In Fear And Faith on Aug. 2 at The Brothers in Owensboro.

Hallden has a short period of time to learn the band’s songs before playing with Far From Fallen for the first time.

“I’m probably the least experienced person with the band and sometimes it shows,” Hallden said. “But every time we play together it gets a little more solid.”

Live performances have been infrequent, as the band focused on pressing “Arise From The Ashes,” Fulkerson said. The band is hoping to find a reputable booking agent to help them land more shows outside the region.

“I want to look on our Web site and see 10 dates” scheduled, Fulkerson said. “… We’re trying to book as much as we can.”
With so many bands competing for attention — and with scam artists posing as managers or promoters always looking to rip off hungry musicians — finding trustworthy representation is difficult.

“You’re always going to want to get testimony from someone who is working with them,” Fulkerson said. “If they are good managers, they’ll call you. The problem is: How do you get them to notice you?”

Simmons said: “It’s frustrating. Everybody who sees us says, ‘why aren’t you signed?’ … It’s basically about getting heard or knowing somebody.”

With the album finally ready for release, the plan is to aggressively market the band to promoters and labels.
“You just have to be persistent,” guitarist Greg Cecil said. “That’s all we can do.”

“The sound is broad enough,” Hallden said. “It reaches a lot of demographics.”


  1. Instrumentally, I think these guys are among the best bands in Owensboro but if they ever want to expand their fan base beyond owensboro teenagers they really need to go in a different direction with their vocals,it seems to be their only weak point,and it is what keeps me from really digging these guys.

  2. Sorry you feel that way, but we feel differently. And its ok to not be digging us.

    Thanks anyway.


  3. Yea, i saw these guys a while back, and they are terrible. I can’t believe they still have fans. Hopefully they get a better singer

    • i think you should eat a dick!!!! these guys Rock

      • Well, that’s not very nice, but whatev.

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