Obligatory notice about the upcoming “Music As A Weapon” tour

Part of the fun of running a site like this is that I can essentially pick and choose what I want to cover. If I don’t like a particular band rolling through St. Louis or Cincinnati, why, I don’t interview them. I simply add the date to the Upcoming Regional Concerts  page and move on.

But, sometimes, a show comes so close to our little town of Owenspatch that I’m just freakin’ obligated to write at least something. So … sigh … let me inform you that the “Music As A Weapon” tour, with headliner Disturbed, is coming to Roberts Stadium in Evansville, Ind. on May 13.

The tour also features Lacuna Coil, Killswitch Engage and Chimaira. I’ve seen Lacuna Coil once, when they opened for Type O Negative … and all I remember from their set is that co-lead singer Cristina Scabbia wore an ugly red pants suit when I was hoping she’d be attired in something a bit more Gothic. Hey, I like the goth woman look: It was a Type O show, after all. Musically, Lacuna is pleasant but unimpressive. Sue me.

I’ve seen one Killswitch Engage (or KsE, to all you in the know) show: In 2004, the band got lucky enough to be wedged into the Jagermeister tour with Slayer and Mastodon, with Mastodon actually having to perform before KsE. At that moment, KsE was enjoying a tiny bit of commercial radio success with remixed (screaming removed) track “The End of Heartache.” It wasn’t hard to pick all the KsE fans out of the crowd – they were the ones singing along with that song while the rest of us made our way to the bar. Mastodon was one thousand times better than Killswitch and Slayer pretty much wiped all memory of KsE away. I’m not exactly jumping to see KsE again.

Regarding Chimaira, I have no comment. The guys at MetalSucks love them, but I haven’t spent any time with the band’s music.

As for Disturbed, I’ll say this: I agree the band’s music is a “weapon:” It’s so terrible and grating that the International War Crimes Tribunal ought to declare their music a form of torture. If I were 14 and hated high school and hated my dad, perhaps I’d appreciate Disturbed more. But I’m just not down with the suckness. Get it? Like ‘down with the sickness,’ but with ‘suck’ instead of ‘sick’? Get it? Funny, huh? Oh, nevermind …

So, let’s do the equation here: “Music As A Weapon Tour” = one terrible band + two mediocre bands and one possibly good band. I wouldn’t cross the street for that bill – and I surely wouldn’t plop down $39 to Ticketmaster for it. But hey, what do I know? If you’re in to middling music and boringly generic radio rock, this is the show for you.

There. Consider yourselves informed. Have a nice day.

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