Far From Fallen return with second guitarist, new album

 Owensboro band Far From Fallen had already written and recorded their new album, “Arise From The Ashes,” when the decision was made to hire second guitarist Greg Cecil.

With a another guitar in the mix, the band went back and rewrote the new songs on “Arise” to incorporate a second guitar line. The additional guitar added new dimensions to the metal band’s already complex sound, bassist Blake Littleton said.

“It made those older songs more fun to play,” Littleton said. “We actually get to hear those old songs in a new way.”

The band — Littleton, Cecil, drummer Matt Simmons and founding members vocalist Kevin Rhodes and guitarist Brian Fulkerson — is already writing songs for a new album, while working to market “Arise From The Ashes” to record labels and promoters.

The band is playing at 9 p.m. Sunday at Lanhuck’s Tavern, 321 East Columbia Street, with Anthem for a Massacre and Sol. Admission is free.

Fulkerson said the idea of adding Cecil to the band had been brewing for some time.

“We’d always talked about wanting a second guitar player,” Fulkerson said. “… We valued his opinion when we were writing (songs).”

The lineup of Rhodes, Fulkerson, Simmons and Littleton has been consistent for several years. While adding a new guitar player to the lineup could have been awkward, Simmons said Cecil fit in immediately.

“It can take so long to get someone to learn (the songs), but he had everything down in a week,” Simmons said.

“Our new stuff is more technical,” Simmons said. “With a second guitar player, it’s a lot easier to write the stuff we’ve wanted to write for a long time.”

The band’s last album, “Kill Your Knowledge,” was released at the end of 2006. At the time, the young band was still searching for their musical identify. But Fulkerson said the band has found its direction with “Arise From The Ashes.”

“With ‘Kill Your Knowledge,’ we were all over the place,” Fulkerson said. “I felt we’d recorded everything we’d written because we wanted to get an album out.”

With the new album, “we really feel like the album sounds like an album, not a collection of songs,” Fulkerson said.

The band has had its recent hassles. Getting “Arise From the Ashes” pressed has been a problem, so the release of the physical disc has been delayed. Several new songs are streaming on the band’s MySpace page.

Also, an east coast tour fell through, because of problems with the agent coordinating the tour.

“We’ve never had trouble with agents — we’ve had trouble with people who say they are agents,” Littleton said.

Plans for the east coast tour had been in the works since October, Rhodes said. But after multiple incidents of erratic behavior, the promoter canceled the tour at the last moment — without bothering to personally notify the band.

“It basically ended up with the guy (posting) a bulletin on my MySpace page, saying he was done,” Rhodes said.

When sending out promo material, “we’re looking for people who have well-known clients,” Fulkerson said. Simmons said the band will keep promoting the new album and will be booking additional concerts.

“We would like to be signed out of Owensboro,” Simmons said. “That would be a plus.”


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