Chris Cornell, what the #%&#! happened to you???

If you like painful musical experiences, the new Chris Cornell solo album, “Scream” is streaming in its entirety on his MySpace page.

As you surely know, Chris got his pop music freak on with “Scream,” even partnering with producer Timbaland on the project. I’ve heard seven tracks so far – and I’m already seriously considering taking an ice pick and a Molotov Cocktail to my ear drums.

Chris Cornell, right, with producer Timbaland.

Chris Cornell, right, with producer Timbaland.

Is this really the same guy who fronted Soundgarden on “Louder Than Love” in the late 1980s? I remember when I first picked up a copy of “Louder Than Love”: That album was my first experience with “grunge” metal, and I was struck by how raw and angry it was. I loved that album. Although Soundgarden became a bit more refined on following albums, they never lost that harsh, bitter edge.

After Soungarden disbanded, I stayed in the Cornell camp for as long as I could. I didn’t think Cornell’s first solo work, “Euphoria Morning,” was terrible – it was more alternablues than rock, but it had its moments. But his work with Audioslave was either “meh,” “blah” or “ugh” from the start.

However, Audioslave is practically Black Sabbath compared to whatever Cornell is trying to do with “Scream.”

I’m mean, seriously, Chris – what were you thinking? Were you so tired of the rock thing that you decided to remake yourself as a teenage pop diva? Were you really that envious of Britney Spears?

Sad. Sad, sad, sad. I’m gonna go home now and tear my “Louder Than Love” poster off the wall.

P.S.: Chris? Somewhere, Kim Thayil is listening to your craptastically terrible album and laughing himself sick.


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