“Osbournes Reloaded” = Ozzy’s continued career suicide solution

I know I should just leave Ozzy’s catastrophically disgraceful new television show, “The Osbornes Reloaded” alone. You already know about this debacle, so there’s nothing more I can say. But it’s like a infected scab: It’s bloody and gross and full of stinky yellow pus, but I just can’t help but pick at it …

This is why Tony Iommi jumped off the Black Sabbath perpetual reunion/Ozzfest circuit and went back to working with Dio. Ozzy has pooped on his credibility so many times it’s hard to believe there was an era when we actually took him seriously.

If I still owned an Ozzy album, I’d have to smash it now, just to save face. Here, see for yourself.

Ozzy, please, for the love of all that’s unholy, freakin’ retire already, and take those talentless hangers-on with you when you go. You know who I’m talking about – they call themselves your family.

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