Nikki Sixx browbeats audience member, proving he’s a whiny little baby

In case you ever wondered if Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx was really as big of a schmuck as he seems, here’s proof: Watch Nikki throw a bottle into the crowd and then get mad when a woman throws it back.

Nikki then pouts as he waits for security to throw her out. Wow, Nikki’s a diva – a sad, sad, classless diva.

Jeeze, not even Skwisgaar behaves this badly.

Anyway, here’s the vid (Oh, by the way, watch at your own risk cuz it contains Offensive Language. Nikki is not exactly a master of the spoken word, after all …)

And Nikki? That quip about Motley Crue making new music? Please don’t.


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