To my misdirected visitors

I had some unintended visitors today.

Yesterday, in my blurb about local band Factory Damage, I mentioned a link where people could hear their newest track “The End Times.” Today, I excitedly bashed out a brief about a fantastic tour coming to Louisville, featuring bands Lamb of God and God Forbid.

Well, the combination of so many “God” and “End Times” references apparently caused a Christian version of Google to buzz, because I was immediately visited by a number of people clicking in from an array of “Left Behind” and Rapture blogs.

I’m guessing those folks were misdirected. However, I love visitors … and I welcome you to Noise Pollution with a present of sorts: The greatest devilrock song of all time, Iron Maiden’s “The Number of the Beast.”

Enjoy it. Praise be to metal. Hallelujah.


1 Comment

  1. LMFAO!! I love it. (Dumb Asses)

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