Factory Damage to perform Louisville show with Warbringer. Owensboro band also preparing new CD and will appear on major compilation album

Factory Damage (from left): Scott Doughty, Chris Hedges, Ed Young and Jack Midkiff

When the members of Owensboro’s Factory Damage share the stage later this month Warbringer, it will be just one of many milestones the band will experience in the next few months.

Dark Sky Records decided to include Factory Damage on its latest “Underground Rising” compilation – which is a bit of a coup, since it guarantees the FD song “Nightmares” will receive worldwide distribution. Meanwhile, the band is working on a CD of its own, and has recorded a song for the independent (and locally shot) horror movie “Hallows Eve.”

The band’s music is even being included on a video game, which is tentatively scheduled for release in the summer of 2009 – and the song “Nightmares” is getting spun regularly on the daily “Out to Lunch” program on WKTG, 93.9 FM.

Landing a supporting spot with Warbringer means the Owensboro metal band will come to the attention of many potential fans. Combined with the appearance on “Underground Rising, Volume 3,” Factory Damage’s star is on the rise.

The band – vocalist Chris Hedges, guitarist Ed Young, bassist Jack Midkiff and drummer Scott Doughty – performs occasionally in Owensboro. But recording and preparing for the Oct. 21 show with Warbringer has taken up a lot of the band’s time lately.

“We haven’t recently done a lot of gigs, because we’re trying to get the record finished,” Young said. Warbringer has gained an international following through its Century Media release “War Without End.” Landing a spot with Warbringer was the result of Factory Damage’s inexhaustible work ethic. When not practicing or writing music, the band members are working to spread the word about themselves to the world outside their home town.

“That’s the biggest gig we’ll have done,” Young said.

Young managed to connect with Terry Harper, the promoter who books Louisville venues like Bulldog Cafe, Uncle Pleasants and Headliners Music Hall. Harper was impressed enough to give the band a choice spot with Warbringer.

“Persistence pays off,” Midkiff said.

Dark Sky Records, however, discovered Factory Damage themselves. “They said they ran across our MySpace page and really liked the song ‘Nightmares,'” Young said. “Apparently, ‘Nightmares’ has some popularity to it.”

While some record labels are more trustworthy than others, Factory Damage is getting a solid deal from Dark Sky. The band will receive royalties from “Underground Rising” sales, without having to give up rights to the song.

For the new album, which is still untitled, the band did part of the recording in Nashville. Producer Miles Fuqua mixed and mastered the album.

While thrash metal is certainly an inspiration, Factory Damage’s sound is not so easily categorized. “Nightmares,” for example, blends a stoner-doom metal groove with a Sabbath vibe and a sudden thrash metal attack. The broad musical palette shows the band is more than just the sum of its influences. 

“The best way to classify our sound is a thrash hybrid,” Young said. “It has elements of thrash, but it has so many other elements.”

The band’s ability to build on thrash metal while creating their own sound will be evident on the new disc, Hedges said.

“None of the songs on the new album sound the same,” Hedges said.

“This album will appeal to everyone that likes metal,” Midkiff said.

Lyrically, the band doesn’t take the simple, or simplistic, road.

“A lot of the songs (on the album) are more political and war-driven,” Young said. “We never just wanted to sing about (sex). We want to do songs about real life.”

The band doesn’t have a release date for the new album as yet: They’re currently holding an album art contest, with the winning design gracing the cover of the new disc. Once the album is released, the band has made arrangements to have the disc reviewed by metal magazines such as Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles. The band also has an interview scheduled with Hard Rock Radio, a Web-based radio station.

The hope is to also get the album into area Best Buy stores, and to sell it on-line through “iTunes.” Eventually, the band wants to start playing out as much as possible, Midkiff said.

“We’re going to start within a 300 mile radius,” Midkiff said.

The band is interested in a record deal. But Young said the band members are satisfied with just making music.

“It would be nice to get signed, but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen,” Young said.

Factory Damage will perform 7 p.m., Tuesday Oct. 21 with Warbringer, Blade of the Ripper, Red Eyed Lies and Snapped at Bulldog Cafe, 10619 West Manslick Rd. in Louisville. Tickets are $10. Tickets can be purchased from the band by e-mailing moofaster@hotmail.com. The band will also through in some Factory Damage swag from anyone who buys a ticket from them.

Tickets are also available at http://www.tickeweb.com.

For samples of the the band’s music, visit www.myspace.com/factorydamageband.


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